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Nahla's Editorial Note

Dear Readers


August is going to be less busy than other months in terms of the Arab-London arts and culture scene, probably due to it being part of the holiday season; and everyone, of course, needs a well-deserved vacation! There are however three important announcements I have received for August that I wish to draw your attention to.

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Recent Articles

The casting producers of the MBC hit show ‘Arabs Got Talent’ (AGT) are soon coming to the UK and calling on Arabs with exceptional talent to prepare to audition, in order to be able to take part in the upcoming fifth season of the popular programme that will be held in Beirut, Lebanon.

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A childhood memory urged me to pick up the novel titled ‘Hurma’ by Ali Al-Muqri. I first heard the Arabic word ‘hurma’ being used when I was a young girl on a mini-pilgrimage to Mecca circa 1995. It was being shouted out by an ugly old male guard who was holding a long wooden stick in his hand to usher the women as to where they can stand and pray around the Kabaa. I didn’t know the meaning of the word; but, whatever its definition, I sensed it held negative and oppressive connotations due to the guard’s aggressive physical stance towards us.

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Better late than never. I finally managed to attend and was truly blown away by Hassan Abdulrazzak's latest play 'Love, Bombs and Apples' that was showing at the Arcola Theatre last week. Although the London run has finished, I have been informed that the production will soon be touring York, Bradford, Liverpool, Cumbria and Oldham from 29 June until 22 July, 2016.

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