• Golden Number - Anissa Berkane - Dhikr Pictural Exhibition - P21 Gallery - Until 6 Jan 2018

Nahla's Editorial Note

Another year is coming to an end and I sincerely extend happy season's greetings at this time of celebration, rest, closure and renewal. I am glad to say that for Nahla Ink, 2017 was full of positive activity, having been honoured to be a media-partner with a number of artistic projects and having had access to so many terrific MENA-inspired events, festivals and initiatives.

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Recent Articles

Set against the backdrop of the Algerian la sale guerre, ‘I Still Hide to Smoke’ is a heady cocktail mix of people and events that reflects on how the personal and the sexual can come to hold heavy political import, with the added dangerous ingredient of religion too. 

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The fantastic annual BFI London Films Festival returns for its 61st edition with a diverse selection of 242 feature films and 128 shorts from both established and emerging talent from across the globe. Over twelve days from 4-15 October, London hosts a celebration of cinematic output that illustrates the richness of international filmmaking and bringing together a stellar line up of cast and crew for many of the productions screened. 

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An ugly shadow side of Libya’s history is that it was a slave market route for centuries under Ottoman rule, way before the Italian occupation and prior to Libya’s declared independence in 1951. Growing up in Libya, children might still hear stories from elders about the black maids who used to work in their household or about distant cousins in Africa who carry their same recognisable surnames. 

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