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Nahla's Editorial Note

With the gorgeous sunny weather set to stay awhile, there is plenty to do this Summer with lots of MENA-inspired arts and culture events in our gorgeous London town. Below are just a few highlights of what is available this July, although there is always more that keeps coming up looking much further ahead.

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Recent Articles

At the highly anticipated book launch that was held at the Holland Park Daunt bookshop, author Rana Haddad read out a few paragraphs from her debut novel ‘The Unexpected Objects of Dunya Noor’. The humorous passages got the whole informal gathering in fits of laughter; and, soon after, we were treated to the beautiful voice of Lina Shahen, whose Arabic songs transported us to an enchanting world of music originating from the Levant and a tune about people being neighbours with the moon.

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Using resentful rhetoric to justify his executive order made early last year - to ban the entry of people coming from seven Muslim-majority countries into the United States - President Donald Trump was indicating that America needs to be protected from these 'other' people on the count of their religion. A religion that is a personal faith to over 1.8 billion worldwide which he simply reduces to an enemy of ‘his’ great nation, using the language of fear and dangerously manipulating the historical context.

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Alongside the 'Retracing A Disappearing Landscape' interdisciplinary art exhibition - that is currently on display at the P21 Gallery in London - is the hosting of a parallel programme of events that adds more depth and insight into the themes that come up in the viewing of the artworks and the encouraged interaction with the installations. 

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