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Nahla's Editorial Note

Dear Readers


Last month was relatively quiet for the culturally active Arab-Londoner, but September promises to be full of incredible energy and creative movement. Recently updating my events listing, I have counted over twenty different arts and culture happenings that will be taking place in the next four weeks in our beloved London town.

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If you love independent films that hold the power to take you on a visual tour of faraway places, then a cinematic festival that has carefully selected its titles to represent the best of what is coming out of a particular region is a must see. More of a reason also when that region –the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) - is currently experiencing unprecedented turbulence that has been embarrassingly laid out for the world to see and when the dearth of good news has meant a lack of an adequate reflection of what else is going on in the Arab world.

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The casting producers of the MBC hit show ‘Arabs Got Talent’ (AGT) are soon coming to the UK and calling on Arabs with exceptional talent to prepare to audition, in order to be able to take part in the upcoming fifth season of the popular programme that will be held in Beirut, Lebanon.

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A childhood memory urged me to pick up the novel titled ‘Hurma’ by Ali Al-Muqri. I first heard the Arabic word ‘hurma’ being used when I was a young girl on a mini-pilgrimage to Mecca circa 1995. It was being shouted out by an ugly old male guard who was holding a long wooden stick in his hand to usher the women as to where they can stand and pray around the Kabaa. I didn’t know the meaning of the word; but, whatever its definition, I sensed it held negative and oppressive connotations due to the guard’s aggressive physical stance towards us.

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