Akala and Katibeh Khamseh

Akala + Katibeh Khamseh: Eminent UK hip hop artist Akala will be headlining a unique show featuring Palestinian hip hop group Katibeh Khamseh as part of the Celebrating Sanctuary London Festival during Refugee Week UK. The award winning MC and founder of the Hip Hop Shakespeare Company is recognised as a visionary on the UK hip hop scene, pushing radical politics, poetry, social awareness and activism to the fore and being a modern day chronicler of the global struggle for equality. Katibeh Khamseh are a group who formed at a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon at the age of fifteen, and whom from the start, have reflected on their experience of the living conditions in the camps, what they see as corruption in humanitarian aid organisations and on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as the Iraq war. Taking place on 19 June, 2015 at Rich MIx, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA.