Are We All Human? (E) Exhibition

Are We All Human? (E): Curated by Lucy Thurley, this will be an exhibition of new mixed media work by Susan Boulter that is the result of ten years of increasing anger! From economic inequality in the world, to Guantanamo still existing, to UN resolutions being violated, to Palestine still under constant attack as well as the unscrupulous exploitation of humanity and the denial of human rights, the artists considers whether we are all just pawns for the benefit of those in power. Boulter’s work contains and presents contradictions. It is at once visceral, raw, incisive and precise. Her central concept challenges the role of artist within contemporary culture. Over a period of six weeks, the exhibition will be complimented by a range of community events and film screenings. Taking place from 11 March-24 April, 2016 at the P21 Gallery, 21-27 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD​.