Broken Borders, Queens of Syria

Broken Borders, Queens of Syria: In Amman, Jordan theatre director Omar Abu Saada and acting coach Nanda Mohammad decide to stage Euripides’ Greek tragedy 'The Trojan Women' with an all female cast of Syrian refugees. The story uniquely mimics the lives of its actors, whose recent experience of ferocious war and bitter exile leads to an extraordinary, emotionally charged interpretation of the play. Though set two thousand years apart, it quickly becomes clear that the uprooting, enslavement and bereavement suffered by the fictional queens of Ancient Greece is giving voice to the modern suffering of Syria’s displaced women. Showing on 8 August, 2015 with a Q+A with producer Georgina Paget and one of 'The Trojan Women' performers via Skype and from 10-13 August, 2015 at The Bertha DocHouse Screen, Curzon Bloomsbury, The Brunswick, London WC1N 1AW.