Chew And Glue

Chew & Glue, Dialogue And Cohesion Amongst UK Iraqi Diaspora: Meryna in collaboration with the Arab British Centre (ABC) and Iraqi Body Count presents an evening performance which explores the idea of being British-Iraqi and whether or not there is a connection to help share the future of Iraq. The event is meant to create a fun, friendly and creative space for discussion, as well as being a call out to British-Iraqis living in the UK, inviting expressions of interest to pitch an idea or share a current project relevant to the theme. In particular, they seek proposals that address a social issue or problem and being able to provide a solution or if one is already involved with an initiative, they are invited to gain potential contacts, supporters and collaborators. Taking place on 8 November, 2015 at the Arab British Centre, 1 Gough Square, London EC4A 3DE.