Dhikr Pictural:

Dhikr Pictural: An exhibition that inspires to reconnect truthfully with the 'Self' and look beyond the unknown, to eventually reach out to what is 'Divine'. A solo for the Algerian visual artist Anissa Berkane, it aims to engage with all the senses and attract different audiences, be they art-lovers, rationale-geeks or the spiritually-curious. The fruit of nearly twenty year of artistic, intellectual and spiritual processes, Berkane's paintings take one on a journey of origins to remind us of the supreme message of love and tolerance, as highlighted through ornamental executions, numerical mysteries and metaphysical implications. Curated by Toufik Douib, there will also be a rich parallel programme of events that will mark the birth of the Prophet Mohammed, World Arabic Language Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The five-week show will be held 2 December, 2017-6 January, 2018 at the P21 Gallery, 21-27 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD.