Discover Arab Cinema, BFI Southbank

Discover Arab Cinema, at the British Film Institute (BFI): December 2013 starts the second theme of the BFI Southbank’s year-long Discover Arab Cinema in collaboration with Zenith Foundation. Four award-winning films will be showing from Morocco, Algeria/France, Jordan and Palestine on the big theme of Family, which is central to Middle Eastern societies. Each film deals in its own distinctive way with the issue and engages the viewer with strength in storyline mixed at times with dark humour and tenderness. The four films to be screened are: Hold Back/Rengaine (4 and 7 December, 2013), The Last Friday/Al Jumaa al Akhira (12 and 14 December, 2013), Thirst/Atash (17 and 21 December, 2013), and Le Grand Voyage (December, 2013).