Fireworks (Al’ab Nariya)

Fireworks (Al’ab Nariya): A new play by Dalia Taha that offers a new way of seeing how war fractures childhood.​In a Palestinian town eleven year-old Lubna and twelve year-old Khalil are playing on the empty stairwell in their apartment block. As the siege intensifies outside, fear for their safety becomes as crippling as the conflict itself. Directed by the Royal Court Theatre's international associate Richard Twyman, this play forms part of 'International Playwrights: A Genesis Foundation Project' with additional support from the British Council and the A M Qattan Foundaiton. It will further be accompanied by a series of events, talks and readings. Taking place from 12 February-14 March, 2015 at the Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square,
London SW1W 8AS.