Green Caravan Film Festival (GCFF)

Green Caravan Film Festival (GCFF): The traveling festival for social and environmental films comes to London from its Gulf headquarters for the first time. It will present a mix of feature length and short films, all chosen for their vital messages and the high quality of storytelling. The opening night takes place on 27 October at Rich Mix, where the evening will include an exciting programme of short films from the MENA region, to be followed by live music brought by Arts Canteen. The remainder of the GCFF will take place at the the Frontline Club, with a choice of stirring and thought-provoking films, including 'I am the People' (Egypt) showing on 29 October and 'The Wanted 18' (Palestine) showing on 30 October. The GCFF hopes to let the power of film create a space for transformation, debate and action so that we may help nudge the planet further in the right direction. Running from 27-31 October, 2015  with the full schedule online at the link below.