Hamza Namira UK Premiere

Hamza Namira: The Egyptian composer, singer and guitarist Hamza Namira is one of the most celebrated faces of modern Arabic music and has become a luminous expression of Egypt's resilience and ambition. Emerging as a major public figure, most notably since the Egyptian revolution of 2011, he uses his work to explore the social issues of today. Aware of the dilemmas facing his generation across the MENA region, he addresses them in an emotive and inclusive manner that has solidified his following with his fans. Namira has held many sold-out concerts in Alexandria and Cairo as well as performing across the Arab world and beyond. His music is influenced by Egyptian traditional and folk music, light rock, jazz and Latin music, to which he adds his memorable tonality and charisma. This will be the singer's first time performing in London and will be presenting a special selection of songs from his three authentic, fresh and bold albums. Taking place on 11 February, 2017 at the Logan Hall, London WC1H 0AL.