The Jewelled Tales of Libya

The Jewelled Tales of Libya: Showcasing Libya’s antique silver jewellery and exploring the diversity and historical identity of the country through its fine pieces. This exhibition, curated by Najlaa El-Ageli and Hala Ghellali, will bring the rich cultural heritage to the wider public and aims to shed light on the story behind the jewellery and the symbols that feature heavily throughout the geographical expanse that we know as Libya. A parallel aspect will also be the vintage photography of Libyan women that are also from a historically valuable private collection. Dating back to the early decades of the 20th Century, many of the images were taken by the Italian cameramen who had established studios in Libya during the European colonisation, who all contributed to the Orientalist strand of photography. The exhibition will also include pictures by the Libyan photographer Sassi Harib, whose work captures the essence of Libya’s southern women as they are adorned in their jewellery. Taking place on 18-27 January, 2017 at the Arab British Centre, 1 Gough Square, London EC4A 3DE.