Languitecture (Construction and Deconstruction of Language)

Languitecture (Construction and Deconstruction of Language): Seven practitioners from different cultural and professional backgrounds join together to explore the interconnections of four mother-tongues: Spanish, Arabic, English and German. Curated by Rawan Serhan, this exhibition is inspired by anthropology, philology and linguistics, aiming to naturally connect to a broad audience because communication and reinvention of culture is a prevailing current issue. Built on the notion of art as a language of images and rhythms, the authors are driven by the curiosity to witness an accelerated evolving layering of languages, cultures and media develop into space. From sculptures, sound installations, dance, visual art and more, the show experiments on how different cultures might battle, influence, connect or align using a fundamental and universal element of culture: language. The artists involved: Roberto Abuin, Joe Hornby, Nadine Hattom, Marco Pando, Lisa Premke, Rawan Serhan and Eduardo Suarez. Taking place with an accompanying programme and a series of pop-up events from 15 September-30 October, 2016 at the P21 Gallery,  21-27 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD, UK​