Lowkey UK Tour 2016

Lowkey UK Tour 2016: After a four-year break from the stage, the award winning rapper and political activist Lowkey is back for an exclusive UK tour - releasing new music alongside his well known material from his highly acclaimed previous albums. Lowkey, who began to rap at the age of twelve and first got noticed following a series of mixtapes, gained a broader coverage with the release of his first album titled 'Dear Listener' in 2009. After that, he toured in the UK and internationally as well as releasing a second album called 'Soundtrack to the Struggle' in 2011. For this tour, Lowkey will present his latest work, including the powerful new song 'Ahmed', in which he addresses the refugee crisis, denouncing the death of an innocent child who drowned in the sea. Thus echoing the death of Alan Kurdi, he uses his sound, lyrics and smooth flow to call on for more humanity. The UK tour dates are from 15-23 September, 2016 at venues in London, Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and Birmingham. Tickets are selling fast, so book asap!