Parallel Orientalism, Fatima Abbadi

Parallel Orientalism, Fatima Abbadi: A photographic exhibition by renowned Italian-Jordanian-Palestinian artist Fatima Abbadi, whose work locates itself right at the core of the complex issue of how to represent 'the Orient'. Abbadi's artistic production skillfully and powerfully produces an image and the imaginary of the Orient that speaks back to the stigmas without falling into, but rather taking distance, from the genre. Courageous and poetic, the photography captures the nude and raw reality of the Orient, its daily life, its streets and activities, its women and men, old, young, rich, modern, traditional, poor, with a unique and gracious gaze that never essentialises or reifies its subjects or objects. Taking place 17-27 November, 2015 at the Arab British Centre, 1 Gough Square, London EC4A 3DE​.