Rachid Gholam

Rachid Gholam: The second of a two-part concert series, MARSM is showcasing the enduring legacy of spiritual performance culture, partnering with iconic Moroccan singer Rachid Gholam and his full ensemble to showcase the worldwide premiere of ‘Spirit of Tarab’. A spiritual and colorful performance and journey, Gholam’s captivating voice invites masterful renditions of legendary Sufi figures - such as Maulana Rumi and Sheikh Ibn Arabi - and explores the expansive history of Sufi music and philosophy. Ranging geographiically from the Persian Mountains to the Andalusian coast, Gholam covers the reach of Sufism art and theory, uncovering the Iraqi Maqam, Aleppo Qadud and the Andulsian Muwashahat on its journey through time. Taking place 7 December, 2018 at Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG.