Shift (Exhibition)

Shift (Exhibition): Three young female artists from Saudi Arabia - Dana Awartani, Zahrah Al-Ghamdi and Reem Al-Nasser - respond to accelerated change in their country and in the built environment of their cities and in domestic spaces. Caught between a future driven by globalisation and rapid urban development and a past at risk of erasure, the artists consider their own position and reflect on what is important to them as individuals and as part of the wider collective. The highlights include: Awartani's film that reflects on the impact of urban development in Jeddah and what the artist views as a social obsession with progress at a cost of losing what is left behind; Al-Ghamdi’s large wall based installation that is informed by her experiences of growing up in the traditional architecture of South-West Saudi Arabia and attempting to embody the contemporary loss of regional styles; and, Al-Nasser’s three part multimedia installation that attempts to simulate an experience of fear and anxiety by representing the past (an audio piece) the present (dual screen video installation) and the future (a printed booklet). Taking place 1 July-2 September, 2017 at the Mosaic Rooms, Tower House, 226 Cromwell Road, London SW5 0S