Suspended Accounts, at the Mosaic Rooms

Suspended Accounts: A multimedia exhibition of six young Palestinian artists, who are all winners and finalists selected from the latest A. M. Qattan Foundation Young Artist of the Year Award (YAYA14). They are: Bashar Khalaf, Noor Abu Arafe, Noor Abed, Farah Saleh, Hamody Gannam and Iman Al Sayed. Although offering diverse works - spanning film, performance and painting - they are unified through the shared theme of 'suspended accounts', as they all explore ideas around invisible narratives, self-historicisation and imagination. Scattered globally, or born and raised away from the land of their parents, they still seek to connect with their Palestinian identity by imaging, reflecting on, or appropriating others' experiences; looking at memories, examining archives, constructing undocumented artifacts and questioning recorded histories. Curated by Viviana Checchia and with an accompanying programme of public talks and event, taking place from 15 January-27 February, 2016 at the Mosaic Rooms, Tower House, 226 Cromwell Road, London SW5 0SW.