Tints of Resilience

Tints of Resilience: A collective exhibition curated by Rania Mneimneh, this brings together the works of eleven international artists in a rich tapestry of visual artworks, photography, poetry and film. Exploring the potential of art in developing resilience in zones of conflict, it places art at the heart of adversity and examining its ability to reconnect and maintain the bonds with home, people, and tradition. The artists, who are all connected to the Middle East, share their experiences in art-making and using art to cope with war, asylum, injury and search for identity, presenting both individual explorations and artistic collaborations with refugee children, social workers, and art therapists. Tracing the intimate process of coping with family death, forced migration, identity crisis, cultural loss, and difficulties in integration, the show offers a sharing space with a variety of artistic media, where the process stands alongside the end product including documentaries, paintings, illustrations and photography. Including a parallel programme of presentations, taking place 17 August-6 September, 2018 at the P21 Gallery,  21-27 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD.