Workshops for Arab Female Artists

Workshops for Arab Women Artists: Part of the 'Arab Women Artists Now' (AWAN) Festival, these three free workshops are designed to address improving one's prospects in the UK arts scene. Led by experts in their field, you can choose from: 'Digital Marketing Workshop' (led by Hannah Khalil, this aims to provide Arab women arts practitioners with insights and practical tips into the power of digital marketing in disseminating and promoting their work to wider audiences), 'Career Development Workshop' (led by Dr Andrea Giraldez, this gives practical advice and guidance on developing one's art career in the UK) and 'UK Arts Infrastructure Workshop' (led by Oliver Carruthers, this offers the relevant knowledge of the structures and organisations of the UK arts scene and insight into how to develop and maintain effective relationships within the industry). The 'Digital Marketing' takes place on 17 March, 2016 and the other two are on 24 March, 2016. Although free, you must register in advance via the link below.