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  • Rachid Koraïchi - 'Masters of Time' Exhibition - October Gallery - 21 June-28 July, 2018

Curious Inbox

Below are entries of current Arab-British related events taking place in London that you might wish to attend, festivals and exhibitions that are happening and other entries I receive in my Nahla Ink Inbox. Please contact me if you would like to be listed.

Dhikr Pictural: An exhibition that inspires to reconnect truthfully with the 'Self' and look beyond the unknown, to eventually reach out to what is 'Divine'. A solo for the Algerian visual artist Anissa Berkane, it aims to engage with all the senses and attract different audiences, be they art-lovers, rationale-geeks or the spiritually-curious. The fruit of nearly twenty year of artistic, intellectual and spiritual processes, Berkane's paintings take one on a journey of origins to remind us of the supreme message of love and tolerance, as highlighted through ornamental executions, numerical mysteries and metaphysical implications. Curated by Toufik Douib, there will also be a rich parallel programme of events that will mark the birth of the Prophet Mohammed, World Arabic Language Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The five-week show will be held 2 December, 2017-6 January, 2018 at the P21 Gallery, 21-27 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD.

Goats (Theatre): In a small town in Syria, soldiers are celebrated as heroes and grieving families are nourished on propaganda. As the coffins pile up, the local party leader decides on a radical compensation scheme: a goat for each son martyred. Questioning what is true and what is not, Goats is a major new work by Syrian playwright and documentary filmmaker Liwaa Yazji that has been developed as part of the Royal Court’s long term project with writers from Syria and Lebanon. Directed by the Royal Court Associate Director Hamish Pirie and having been translated by Katharine Halls, the run will be from 24 November-30 December, 2017 at the Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, London SW1W 8AS.

Oslo (Theatre): The Tony Award-winning play Oslo comes to London direct from its critically acclaimed Broadway run where it picked up every 'Best Play' accolade. By J T Rogers, Oslo presents the gripping true story of a young Norwegian couple who planned and carried out top-secret, high-level meetings between the State of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), culminating in the signing of the historic 1993 Oslo Accords. After its sold-out run at the National Theatre, this political thriller arrives in the West End for a strictly limited season from 2 October-30 December 2017​ at the Harold Pinter Theatre, Panton St, London SW1Y 4DN​.

Another Day in Baghdad Crowd-Funder: Rooted in the real life experiences of two female authors in post-invasion Iraq, this is a film that unites cast and crew from the Middle East and Europe for the first ever international film production led by a female director of Iraqi origin. Co-written by award-winning London-based filmmaker Maysoon Pachachi and Baghdad-based novelist Irada Al Jabbouri, the script won the IWC Schaffhausen Script Award, presented by Cate Blanchett in 2012. With the film ready to shoot, the talented cast lined up and the amazing locations decided upon, they just need additional funding to hire the Iraqi cast and crew for this independent film project. The deadline for the crowd-funding is 20 December, 2017 at the following link. 

Arab-A-Dub: Presented by Arts Canteen, a night which will bring the best sounds of the Arabic Electronica underground sound system, performed by the finest of DJ producers and MCs from Palestine, Jordan and London. A night full of Dabkeh sounds and Shamstep style, warmed up by London's renowned Love Carnival DJs. Featuring DJ Cal Jader & DJ Madmax (Love Carnival), DJ-Producer Bruno Cruz & Performer-MC Walaa Sbait (Ministry of Dub-Key), and Producer Eljehaz well into the night. Taking place on 16 December, 2017 at Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA.

​Rüya Foundation Presents Latif Al Ani: ​The first UK exhibition of Iraqi photographer Latif Al Ani that includes over 50 works surveying the artist’s practice. Born in 1932, Al Ani is considered the founding father of Iraqi photography, he was prolific in documenting everyday life in the country. The majority of his work was produced over three decades often referred to as a ‘golden age’ for Iraq, a period of increased cosmopolitanism and openness in the country. From the late 1950s until the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq War (1980–1988), Al Ani captured the social fabric of the country. Modern and multicultural, the images may appear surprising to audiences today, subverting stereotypical perceptions of Iraqi experience. ​This exhibition will also include a number of images of classical ruins and antiquities, highlighting Al Ani’s interest in archaeology as well as modern life, and how architecture served to bring the two together in Iraq. It will also feature some of his aerial views of the country. Taking place 4-16 December, 2017 at the Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, London W1T 4RJ.

Bahrain Art Week in London: Launching at the Saatchi Gallery, the focal point of Bahrain Art Week will be an exhibition of paintings and installations entitled 'Diversity' to represent the vibrancy of the Bahraini art scene. Produced using a variety of mediums, from landscapes to  portraits, to abstract and conceptual art; the selected artworks reflect a diversity found within the Bahraini art community. The collection features fifteen Bahraini contemporary artists who narrate their own stories anchored in Bahraini heritage. The art works come to the Saatchi Gallery courtesy of ArtBAB – the International Art Fair in Bahrain that will be holding its third edition in March next year – and will serve as an exciting preview of what is to come. The week will also host a parallel programme of events, including a discussion on the 'Business of Art', a celebratory book launch of Bahraini illustratoR Ahmed Baqer, curator-led tours of the exhibition and an educational workshop for students at Saatchi Gallery. Taking place 6-12 December, 2017 at the Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York's HQ, King's Road, London SW3 4RY​.

Kahlil Gibran - An Unparalleled Guide For Our Times: A special talk by Paul-Gordon Chandler on the well known Lebanese poet, writer and visual artist Kahlil Gibran. Based on Chandler's new book, 'In Search of a Prophet: A Spiritual Journey with Kahlil Gibran’, he will take the listener on a fascinating journey through the all-embracing nature of Gibran. He will share how Gibran, a supreme East-West figure, can be a much-needed guide for our times as with the recurrent themes of peace, harmony and the building of bridges between the cultures of the Middle East and the Western world. Taking place on 7 December, 2017 at the Arab British Centre, 1 Gough Square, London EC4A 3DE.

Suslov’s Daughter (Book Launch): A conversation with the Yemeni author Habib Abdulrab Sarori on his latest novel 'Suslov's Daughter'. Translated into English by Elisabeth Jaquette, it is the tale of the young man Imran growing up under communism in South Yemen, who finds himself drawn to Hawiya, the daughter of a high-ranking official in the ruling Marxist party. He departs Aden, the seaport city of his childhood, to study literature in Paris, hoping to ‘see the sunset of capitalism with his own eyes.’ Years later he returns to Yemen and meets Hawiya again – only to find that she is now a niqab-wearing Salafist, calling on people to join the conservative Islamist movement! Set against the backdrop of Yemeni history, Sarori’s Arabic Booker long-listed novel traces one man’s lifelong search for love and his own political ideology. Taking place on 7 December, 2017 at West End Lane Books, 277 West End Lane, London NW6 1QS.

The Other Side of Hope: Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Director at the Berlin International Film Festival, this film interlaces the struggles of two men who have fled their homes. The first is Khaled, a Syrian asylum seeker who arrives in Helsinki as a stowaway on a coal freighter. The second escapee doesn’t undertake quite such a hazardous journey. Wikström walks out on his alcoholic wife, wins a fortune at poker and buys a failing restaurant called the Golden Pint. Despite the tragic situation it portrays, the film is full of humour and food-for-thought, making it a pure delight. Directed by Aki Kaurismäki, this screening is part of the London Migration Film Festival (LMFF) and will be followed by a panel Q+A session. Taking place on 2 December, 2017 at Genesis Cinema, 93-95 Mile End Road, London E1 4UJ.


Below are entries of current Arab-British related events taking place in London that you might wish to attend, festivals and exhibitions that are happening and other entries I receive in my Nahla Ink Inbox. Please contact me if you would like to be listed.