Joanne Lightfoot Is Raising Money for Syria’s Children

Please support 24-year-old Joanne Lightfoot to raise a minimum of £2000 for Syria’s children tomorrow Sunday 3 November, 2013 whilst enjoying a night of Middle Eastern entertainment with food and drink at the Mia Lounge, 100 Avenue Road, Swiss Cottage, NW3 3HR.

Excited before the scheduled event, I spoke with Joanne: “This is the second event I am organizing for Syria; because, unfortunately, the Syrian civil war and its implications are not advertised nor discussed nearly enough in this country. 

“I first learnt about it a couple of years ago when I was working as a clinic clerk at Northwick Park Hospital, where a Syrian doctor told me how he had no contact with his parents and how his brother was working in hospitals in Syria. He introduced me to a few Syrian charities and told me about the humanitarian crisis.

“After this, I did my own research on the war and saw a lot of videos on You Tube about the Syrian refugee situation. As I had lost my father two years ago, I felt a natural empathy and wanted to do something to help in whichever way I could and to raise awareness.

“Unfortunately, with the politics involved in this war, choosing a charity to fundraise for was difficult. A big international charity was the best bet, as they wouldn’t’ be involved in partisan politics and there would be no divide when it came to my event.

“The loss of childhood that these situations produce in particular is something I’m very passionate about, so choosing to give the money for this particular cause was important and Save the Children was a natural choice.

“Prior to this, I did raise money for the Disaster’s Emergency Committee (DEC) in June, 2013. My event then was called ‘Hand in Hand Together for Syria’ that was held at the Maya Lounge in Sudbury, where we raised £1,800.

“For tomorrow, I wish to raise as much as possible with people’s help and generosity for Syria’s children and to promote the issue on the night. More than that, anytime someone else mentions the cause on Facebook or Twitter, this will help keep Syria in the minds of even more people. 

“The dinner is sub-headed as a night of ‘Middle Eastern Entertainment’ because there will be dancing and singing from Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, the Gulf and the Levant. I want to make it a truly diverse evening and as entertaining as possible. People these days don’t always just want to give to charity, they want something in return.“

The Syrian Conflict: Some Sobering Facts

The United Nations estimates that 6.8million Syrian people need humanitarian support now, there are 2million refugees or people displaced because of the conflict, 100,000 people have been killed to date, including 7,000 children. 

The top two priorities for Save the Children Syria Appeal is an urgent call for a ‘Vaccination Ceasefire’ to prevent the current polio outbreak turning into an epidemic; as half a million children under the age of five in Syria are at risk of contracting the incurable disease. 

The other is to implement the United Nation’s Security Council humanitarian access agreement, to allow for relief convoys to deliver life-saving humanitarian and medical supplies in Syria.

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