Seven in Bodrum, Turkey

Overlooking the sea, the mountains green,

Full of pomegranate, figs and orange trees.

Birds chirruping their song high up as I listen.

I hear them guessing that Heaven is here,

In paradise or somewhere very near.

The crystal clear turquoise water is under my feet,

The wooden yachts swimming in the waters right ahead of me,

And the sound of jazz playing at the hotel café.

And so I sit with the aroma of the Turkish coffee on the table,

Made with a cup of brown beans and a spoon of sugar.

A spot reserved just for me, the brief tourist.

Here in the sun, with the beach of the soft sands, 

And the blue skies framing a painting most gorgeous, 

That no words arrive to fully describe it, 

But you must be here to appreciate.

The best swim before sunset I get to prepare, 

An infinity pool to gaze out across the blues up and below. 

To be in the water, fully wet and immersed without a care, just a hat to protect me from the heat.

Walking to, I pass by more pretty perfect flowers, In pink, purple, red, yellow, white and gold.

And even more olive trees, apricots and pears.

I then stop for the scents of orange blossom, jasmine and lavender,

One by one I touch and feel.

As the breeze of the light Mediterranean air dances and envelops me,

My mind is zoned out with no worries and no fears.

All stress has escaped, with no appointment to get to,

Just to take shade in peace for seven nights and seven days.

July 2012