‘The Singing Stones’: Save THE Play About Arab Women During Revolution

Mama Quilla Productions, a women-led theatre company that spotlights human rights issues through plays and performance with a focus on the female perspective, is this week calling on members of the general London public to pledge their support by giving funding - from as little as five pounds each - in the next ten days. This is in order to save its production of a triad of plays - titled ‘The Singing Stones’ - tackling and exploring the role of Arab women during Revolution.

The organised crowd-funding campaign recently started and needs to achieve a target of £6000 in the next ten days. This money will go towards pay for the set design costs, marketing and advertising and the costs of producing an animation sequence based on Middle Eastern graphic novels for the play’s ending.

Mama Quilla Seeks Support To Make ‘The Singing Stones’ A Reality!

Already, Mama Quilla has raised £2,500 from the popular appeal and has also been awarded a large grant from the Arts Council of England and awards from the Peggy Ramsey Foundation and the Unity Theatre Trust. But the amount promised by the Arts Council can only be accessed on condition of raising the extra £3,500.

If ‘The Singing Stones’ does go ahead, it is scheduled to take place for a three-week run in February 2015 at the Arcola Theatre, in Hackney E8 3DL. For more information to help you make a decision, please refer to the fund-raising campaign page dedicated to saving ‘The Singing Stones’ with Trailer at: www.zequs.com/campaign/mama-quilla-s-the-singing-stones-at-the-arcola.

Plea From The Syrian Actress, Alia Alzougbi

I spoke with Alia Alzougbi, a Syrian actress who is involved with the current rehearsals alongside her fellow thespians in preparation for the ‘The Singing Stone’s and working in collaboration with the director Kay Adshead.

She said: “I was sceptical at first but from the very first day of rehearsals, I saw nothing but integrity and a genuine drive to put on a bold performance drawn from real experience. The research, the curiosity, the collaborations with Arab artists, the desire to create something brave and relevant... all of these elements have instilled a confidence in me that this performance will be a seminal piece.

In the midst of the noise of global politicians and sweeping news stories, the voices of women world wide need a more prominent platform. As a Syrian woman, it is my responsibility to ensure the voices of women from the region are being heard, particularly in these desperate times. The ‘Singing Stones’ is at once bold and relentless in its interrogation of the lay woman's story in the broader narrative of the Arab Revolutions.

"Please donate today, tomorrow, or the day after...but don't wait much longer than that. Your support will be grateful appreciated. We also hope to see you among the audience at the Arcola Theatre in February 2015. A heartfelt thank you!

Mama Quilla Productions

Mama Quilla is an award-winning woman-led theatre company spotlighting human rights issues with a female perspective. Founded by Kay Adshead and Lucinda Gane in 1999, it also recognises and seeks to combat the waste of resources and talent in female theatre practitioners over the age of 40 and seeks to empower older women in the industry.

Mama Quilla further works in the community with the vulnerable and dispossessed by creating innovative street/site-specific performance theatre, celebrating their voices and exploring their experience. It is not affiliated to any political party and is a non-religious and non-party political organisation.

For more information, go to: www.mamaquilla.org.