August: Support ABC Kickstarter (SAFAR FIlm Festival) + 'Performances from Two Shores' + 'BBC Arabic Festival' Call for Submissions

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August is going to be less busy than other months in terms of the Arab-London arts and culture scene, probably due to it being part of the holiday season; and everyone, of course, needs a well-deserved vacation! There are however three important announcements I have received for August that I wish to draw your attention to.

The Arab British Centre (ABC) Kickstarter Campaign - The SAFAR Film Festival 2016

In preparation for this year's SAFAR Film Festival - that will be taking place in mid-September, 2016 - the Arab British Centre (ABC) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to make sure that the film festival this year is a big success and also to ensure for its survival in the future. The crowd-funding appeal has already been launched on 28 July, 2016 and there are just over two more weeks left for the public to participate. All SAFAR films are screened at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London.

Here is a note from the ABC Kickstarter campaign: "By backing SAFAR 2016, you will be supporting a cultural programme that aims to: raise awareness, appreciation and understanding of Arab cinema in the UK; enhance understanding of contemporary Arab cultures and Arab cinematic achievement; support the growth and popularity of Arab cinema and film makers within the UK; present audiences a rare opportunity to access films never seen before in the UK; allow audiences to engage with and learn from directors, artists and critics through the SAFAR Film Festival engagement programme; support integrated community life in the UK by challenging prejudice and addressing misunderstanding of the Arab world; and, finally, to be accessible to cross-cultural and cross-generational audiences in London."

For more information on how to help and what you get for pledging your support:

'Performances from Two Shores' Call for Submissions

A European Commission supported programme to commission and tour three new works created by Arab performance artists who have been based in Europe for no longer than six years, with the following key aims: to support the creation of dynamic new works; to support the development of Arab artists in Europe; to develop new international audiences; and, to develop a skills exchange between project partners. 

Conceived by six partners who all produce iconic cultural events in connection with Euro-Mediterranean area, these are: Les Bancs Publics (Marseilles, France), BOZAR (Brussels, Belgium), Dancing on the Edge (DOTE) (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Globalize (Cologne, Germany), Studio Emad Eddin Foundation (Sweden), et D-CAF Festival (Cairo, Egypt) and Shubbak Festival (London, UK).  

The selected artists and their teams will take part in a thirty day creative residency in one three potential institutions in Europe; and, after, all three productions will tour the network of project partners between March and December 2017. As far as I am aware, the call is still open for performance artists based in the UK. If there is any change due to Brexit, I will let you know. The deadline for submissions is 1 September, 2016.

For more information:

The 'BBC Arabic Festival' Call for Submissions

If you are a film or documentary maker, producer, journalist or a member of the public and have a piece of work that explores key issues around power in the Arab world, there are two more months left for you to make your application to take part in the BBC Arabic Festival 2017. Seeking new bold voices and original stories about the dramatic political changes that continue to transform the Arab world, the invite is for fiction and non-fiction films that reflect on the region today as well as looking back at the hopes, visions and reformations that continue to shake the MENA territory. They want to hear stories, personal or political and from every possible angle. An expert panel of judges will be looking for originality, with and creative interpretation along with clarity, balance and in-depth research. The deadline is 30 September, 2016.

For more information:

My Curious Inbox - The Full Listing of Arab-London Arts and Culture Events

Other than these announcements, I refer you, as always, to my Curious Inbox page where I list and regularly update all relevant Arab-London arts and culture events; and, also, please make sure to scroll down the page to see all entries.

Although August seems rather quiet, you will see that September is going to be super busy! Until then.

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Nahla Al-Ageli
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London, August 2016