September - It is all in the North African Pop! You are all invited to the launch!

Summer being well and truly over, the good news is that September indicates the restart in earnest of artistic and cultural activity with exhibitions, music, dance, films and festivals ready to launch and offer creative reprieve for all. Having updated My Curious Inbox with all the MENA-inspired London-based events, I can tell you that there are already 20 fantastic entries coming up this month and looking forward into October and November. 

As a media partner with one incredible project, I will of course be partial here to highlight the 'Pop Art from North Africa' exhibition. Curated by my sister Najlaa El-Ageli and Toufik Douib, this collective show will put together for the first time under the P21 Gallery roof, the artworks of fifteen creative individuals from North Africa who are all inspired by the Pop Art movement, with every country in the region represented, including artists from: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya as well as their diasporas living in Europe.

In the style of one of the 20th century’s most influential movements that was spearheaded by Eduardo Paolozzi and Richard Hamilton in 1950s Britain, the works tackle the social, political and cultural environments unique to North Africa. Through paintings, digitally manipulated images, animation, music and street art, the display will take the audience on a voyage through urban landscapes, exploring the human condition and indicating the tortuous clash between tradition and modernity, in homage to the pioneers of the Western pop art, such as Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. 

By its nature accessible, colourful, witty, sexy even and direct, this Pop Art show is a must attend and I can happily extend a Nahla Ink invitation to all my readers to join us for the launch on the 21 September. To RSVP, you can either drop me an email or visit the P21 Gallery website:

Please note that there will also be a parallel programme of events soon to be announced, where audience can engage more directly with some of the featured artists as well as attend workshops relevant to the thriving Pop Art scene in North Africa. We will also be hosting private tours for art delegates, universities, schools and others who wish to learn more.

Otherwise, I leave you with a link to My Curious Inbox and please make sure to scroll down the page so as not to miss out on anything:

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Best wishes to all!

Nahla Al-Ageli
Freelance Journalist + Blogger
London, September 2017

Image: By El-Moustach