Spring April Sunshine Peek-A-Boo!

Dear Nahla Ink Readers


Yes, yes, you can safely bring out those designer shades without being accused of pretentiousness, look forwards to soon hiding away that too heavy feeling coat and replacing it with a lighter jacket; and, let us prepare for some good warm weather coming our way.

Now is the time to start thinking of all the alfresco places to eat and drink in London just in case; and, get ready for the outdoor activities that one cannot do when it is just way too cold or too dark early in the day. We all know how April likes to play peek-a-boo, alternating between lovely sunny spells but then also occasioning grey skies and rain.

In any case, this month brings plenty of events for the British Arab and the Arab curious that do not depend on the weather presenting a great choice of what to do, from films to talks, exhibitions and much more. 

For a good listings, I refer you to My Curious Inbox: www.nahlaink.com/curious-inbox.

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Best wishes to all!

Nahla Al-Ageli
Freelance Journalist
London, 2014