Nahla Ink Stars – 4 out of 5!


If Jasad, the erotic magazine published by Joumana Haddad was “to create a cultural body for our Arab bodies and to inquire intellectually into the consciousness of the body and into its unconsciousness”, then the book I Killed Scheherazade: Confessions of an Angry Arab Woman is purposefully about the freedom and the liberation of the Arab mind that is “in crisis” – or, at least, according to Haddad.

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Nahla Ink Stars - 5 out of 5!


The letters of Van Gogh have always provided an amazing insight and mirror reflection of the man behind the incredible Art that the world has admired for over a century and are now almost an institution in themselves. He left as legacy almost a thousand letters written mostly as correspondence to his younger brother Theo but also including many others addressed to his sister Wil and artist friends.

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Nahla Ink Stars – 3 out of 5​!


Reading this collection of emails on the lives of four young Saudi girls, I was consciously trying to note down the scandalous revelations and confessions that had made them the talk of town five years ago when they were first distributed in Arabic via a yahoo group on the internet. To be honest, I didn’t find much to agree with what the back cover said or what the early reviews had proclaimed that this book was a dangerous exposé on the secret lives of the elite velvet class in Riyadh.

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