Adel Shams El Din

February Themes: Middle Eastern Food Recipes to Art, Music and Fashion!

The Food - Fancy a Culinary Experience?

Firstly a subject that I have not covered much before: food! Yes, you can now read my review of a beautiful culinary book that every Arab needs to have in her or his kitchen library. With Sherine Ben Halim Jafar's instructions, you can be sure that any planned dinner party will now turn out to be a huge gastronomic success! 

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Tarek Abdallah + Adel Shams El Din

Tarek Abdallah + Adel Shams El Din (Songlines): A wonderful opportunity to attend two fantastic acts from the Middle East. Tarek Abdallah and Adel Shams el Din (Egypt) have just released the album 'Wasla' in collaboration with Songlines. Originally from Alexandria, but currently based in France, the duo are fluent in the language of Egyptian classical tradition and are able to evoke the fascinating history of this music while extending it with spirited and contemporary inspired compositions.