Arab Arts

AWAN Returns: Niche Festival Strengthening the Power and Force of Arab Female Creatives in London, in Style and Now!

Bringing forward the wonderful and diverse talent, achievements and industrious work of Arab female creatives, AWAN offers not only the chance to be a male or female audience member and enjoy the artistic productions, but it also enables direct networking opportunities - through workshops and the ‘Connect’ programme - whereby established and emerging arts professionals can engage with each other and also help guide new hopefuls who may wish to break into the field.

A New Year - Supporting Positive + Peaceful Messages to the World

It is so important that together we continue to attend, promote and encourage those who work so passionately in their special fields; be they visual artists, musicians, intellectuals, writers or even comedians who make make us laugh every so often at our unusual predicament. The arts are truly the safest and most creative route to providing new, deep, complex and powerful narratives that aid in the understanding between cultures and unite us all in great spirit. 

Happy New Year 2017! Reasons to Celebrate Arab Arts + Culture

My answer is that the arts and any peaceful cultural activity have a very important and necessary duty to perform. By providing a different narrative to all the bad around us, they offer a safe space to contemplate the dramas playing out on the streets of our home countries and in the West, without the risk of turning to violence and without provoking more resentment.

The Nour Festival of Arts 2015

The Nour Festival of Arts 2015: The wonderful and unmissable Nour Festival returns this year, to continue to illuminate and shine a light on the contemporary arts and culture from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. In venues across the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, it will showcase films, music, literature, poetry, performance, visual arts and so much more.

Shubbak Festival 2015

Shubbak Festival 2015: The wonderful Shubbak (meaning ‘window’ in Arabic) is London’s largest biennial festival of contemporary Arab arts and culture. Founded in 2011 by the Mayor of London, Shubbak has become an independent charity, but that will continue to connect London audiences and communities with the best of contemporary Arab culture through an ambitious festival programme.