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Beirut And Beyond - Kinematik

Beirut And Beyond - Kinematik: Kinematik are an instrumental rock band from Lebanon, whose music is both diligent and intuitional, ranging from raucous improvisational psychedelic rock to steady and mechanical electronic grooves, with frequent post-rock climaxes. Immediate points of comparison include Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Loop, as well as Can (for the tendency towards Motorik beats) and Tortoise (for the intricacies of their layered compositions).

Tribute to Shafik Kabha:

Tribute to Shafik Kabha: A tribute to a legend of Palestine's music scene, the show will be jam packed with Shafik Kabha's best tracks and greatest hits. As a special one off show, hosts Arts Canteen will be celebrating his life and music. Kabha has been hailed by some as a truly ‘pan-Palestine’ singer, with huge popularity in Gaza, the West Bank and Galilee. One is invited to get their dancing shoes ready for a night to remember with surprise guest artists and DJs on the night.

(UN)Covered Performance:

(UN)Covered Performance: Made between the UK and Egypt, (Un)Covered is a solo dance theatre action by contemporary dance artist and choreographer Zosia Jo as she explores women inside their clothes. It considers how to embody empowerment against the politicization, violence and control society imposes on women's bodies via the clothes they wear. This issue connects all people, across borders and transcending cultural difference. The freedom is not in what one wears or doesn't wear - it is in the choice. This is her reaction and solution with a Q+A after the show.

Flamenco Evolution, Baghdad to Seville

Flamenco Evolution, Baghdad to Seville: A night of outstanding music, flamenco dance breaking down long-standing cultural and historical barriers. Iraqi Oud player Attab Haddad has had an interest in flamenco more or less since he started playing the oud. Flamenco's forms, rhythms and melodies have influenced a large part of his work and he is still fascinated by the connections between flamenco and Middle Eastern music.

Apo & the Apostles

Apo & the Apostles: Led by vocalist Apo Sahagian, the multilingual rock band hails from Jerusalem-Bethlehem, Palestine. Combining the diverse backgrounds of its members, the band has pioneered a musical style that integrates blues, dance, and Arabic elements as well as innovating with different styles all the time. Listed on Buzzfeed as one of the region’s hottest new bands and infamous for their late-night party-concerts, their debut album 'Back to Sababa' celebrated a trumpet-infused party rock sound with the ecstatic beats of the East and the melodies of the West.

Arabs Are Not Funny! Edition 14

Arabs Are Not Funny! (Edition 14): Widely regarded as one of the hottest comedy nights among the Arab community and beyond. Comedians with roots in the Arab world attempt to prove the naysayers wrong! After a very successful sold-out 13 editions, Arts Canteen’s Arabs Are Not Funny is back with very interesting line-up of comedians, representing the Arab world and surrounding regions, looking for an opportunity to showcase their talents. With their acts delivered in English, the confirmed comedians are: Adam Jamal, Houssem Rhaiem, Janine Harouni and Isabella Farah.

Arab Women Artists Now (AWAN) Festival 2017

Arab Women Artists Now (AWAN) Festival 2017: Organised by Arts Canteen, the AWAN festival returns to London for its third edition, showcasing and exploring the work of contemporary Arab women artists based in the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond; providing all the opportunity to celebrate, be informed, network and mix with their audience. It will have several strands that include a launch event, a big music element, talks, workshops, film screenings as well as a visual arts exhibition taking place over nineteen days. The launch, for example, will be hosted by the Lebanese-

Arabs Are Not Funny (Edition 12)

Arabs Are Not Funny (Edition 12): After eleven sold-out editions, Arts Canteen’s 'Arabs Are Not Funny' is back with a great line-up of comedians, representing the Arab world and surrounding regions. Performing in English, the main act will be the Somalian born Prince Abdi. A British stand-up, actor, writer and a regular on the UK comedy circuit, Abdi's versatile storytelling style of comedy made him the perfect choice to support Reginald D Hunter, Stephen K Amos and Dave Chappelle on their national tours; and, he has also performed alongside Chris Rock and Louis CK.

Arab Christmas, Exploring the Early Arab Christian Chants

Arab Christmas, Exploring the Early Arab Christian Chants: A rare opportunity to hear chants from the Aramaic-Syriac and Byzantine traditions, harking back to the time of Queen Zanubia’s reign of Palmyra. It was in the second century that Christianity reached the ancient Syrian caravan city and witnessed the emergence of the first church melodies out of the secular Aramaic music of Syria and Iraq. Coptic Egyptian-German singer Merit Ariane Stephanos and Father Shafiq Abouzayd will introduce the audience to this music; and, in particular, to the chanting traditions of the Le

The Mosaiques Festival 2016

The Mosaiques Festival 2016: Produced by Arts Canteen and supported by Bureau Export (the French music export office), the festival returns for its sixteenth edition. Celebrating diversity in music, film and the arts from all over the world, it will feature cutting-edge contemporary music produced in France, UK, Turkey and beyond.