Aser El Saqqa

Textural Threads and Ana Djazairi Exhibitions

‘Textural Threads’ & ‘Ana Djazairi’ Exhibitions: Forming an integral part of the 'Arab Women Artists Now' (AWAN) Festival, these two exhibitions, curated by Najlaa El-Ageli, bring a mix of artistic practices that touch upon the Arab female identity, the human body, ethnic origin, culture and some political considerations. In 'Textural Threads' we see five very strong Arab artists who are redefining the female space and emerging art from the MENA region.

Mohammed Joha: Palestinian-Gazan Artist On 'Joha - The Journey' Exhibition

The two men, both from Gaza, have been in collaboration for quite some time, as El Saqqa has also organised two previous shows for Joha in the United Kingdom. The last one, held in Durham in 2014, was under the theme of ‘Traces and Revelation’s, where Joha’s work was alongside that of another Gazan artist and friend Hazem Harb. So I spent an hour with the two passionate men, as Joha talked me through the artworks and El Saqqa expressed his hopes for the exhibition.

'Arab Women Artists Now' (AWAN) Festival, London 2015 –Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day, British-Arab Women Style!

With its positive spirit and energy, International Women’s Day always brings women together in different groups or formations to firstly celebrate being a woman and then to otherwise engage with the issues dear to our gender. On the global level, there is always the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) that is held in the UN Headquarters in New York; and, in the United Kingdom alone, there are at least 312 separate events taking place.

How Social Media is Changing the Arab Community Integration in London and the UK:

How Social Media is Changing the Arab Community Integration in London and the UK: Hosted by Migreat, a panel discussion will bring prominent figures from the Arab community in London to discuss the integration of Arabs as helped by the recent upsurge in social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc), and the way in which the shift in communication has been embraced by Arab migrants. The panel includes: Nahla Al-Ageli (Nahla Ink), Khalil Al Agha (Al Araby Al Jadeed), Aser El Saqqa (Arts Canteen) and Tara Jaffar (Meryna).

Behind the Wall -Art in Contested Places

Behind the Wall - Art in Contested Places: A seminar curated by John Johnston and Esther Sayers, this will present Aser El Saqqa, the founder and director of Arts Canteen, a London based arts organisation that aims to explore artistic relationships between the Middle East, Mediterranean regions and diverse audiences across Europe. Arts Canteen provides platforms for emerging and mid-career artists from the middle east region who create contemporary visual art and music.

Gather for Gaza

Gather for Gaza: A fundraising event taking place on at Saint Barnabas Church, Walthamstow on 16 August, 2014. Hosted by St Barnabas and local Palestinian Aser El Saqq, there will be music, poetry, live painting, food and the spoken word. All funds will go to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).