Bayda Asbridge

Recurring Themes Going Through March 2014

Human Rights Watch Film Festival, London

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival will be taking place in London between 18-28 March, 2014, that will be screening some incredible films – as well as holding many discussions and Q+A’s with the producers and directors - that connect to the events and regions that have been dominating the international news agenda in the past year. This of course involves several stories coming from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. 

Weaving Away The Tears: In Honour of A Syrian Mother

Bayda Asbridge is a Syrian-British artist currently based in Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) and left Syria in 1994, vowing to never return. So that when her mother died in Damascus at the end of 2012, she found herself alone on the other side of the world and without the only four people who could have helped share the pain or to just have one of them to physically hold and shed the tears with.