Edge of Arabia

Worldwide Reading for Ashraf Fayadh

Worldwide Reading for Ashraf Fayadh:​ In support of the 35-year-old Palestinian born-poet, artist and curator Ashraf Fayadh, the evening will read selected poems and other texts aiming to show solidarity with Fayadh and raise awareness of his current situation. Fayadh who lives in Saudi Arabia and has been a key figure in taking Saudi contemporary art to a global audience through his work with the British-Saudi art organisation 'Edge of Arabia' and as a curator for the Venice Biennale, was charged with apostasy and sentenced to death last November. Rights groups and interna

The Ark Liberated Workshop

The Ark Liberated Presentation + Workshop: Noah's ark is a universal story with significant connotations and manifold interpretations that have traveled in time and place. Rashad Salim is proposing an alternative model that goes beyond the traditional Eastern and Western projections: a 'rational ark', the one that Noah's wife helped build, the missing story.

Athier I: Man of War

Athier I, Man of War: Ayyam Gallery and Edge of Arabia present the first UK solo exhibition of paintings, drawings and editions by the Iraqi artist Athier, whose work here has been inspired by the fluidity and human detachment of destruction. From 18 February-29 March, 2014 at Edge of Arabia Elcho Street, London SW11 4AU.