Faisal Samra

Faisal Samra: Construction, Destruction and Reconstruction (C.D.R.)

Displayed against the walls are provocative looking objects mixed with digital images and performance videos that include: a broken chair, a damaged clay sculpture, a plastic bag with fragments from the same sculpture, long tubes with small colorful pencils inserted in them, two big eyes gazing and across one wall are the portrait images of a woman undergoing a struggle with cancer.

Faisal Samra, Ayyam Gallery

Faisal Samra, Construction, Destruction and Reconstruction: Ayyam Gallery will host the first solo London exhibition of the Saudi Arabian artist Faisal Samra. Faisal Samra has long been intrigued by the process of creation, ‘living with it each moment of the day, even during sleeping, therefore [he] wanted to treat this subject in [the] artwork itself’. Thoughts on the process of creation reached new dimensions as Samra began to consider not only construction, but also destruction and reconstruction in relation to the Middle East, the concept of the ego, and the human body.