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Joumana Haddad - At "The Frontline Club"

“In fact, I am rather smitten with her! She is not just a beauty to look at or to listen to her somewhat alluring footages on Youtube, but in the intellectual stakes, she’s bright and gifted. Joumana is a writer and has published award-winning poetry. She is a respected Lebanese journalist of a literary column, a translator of seven languages; and, of course, she is the creator of the provocative Arab erotic publication Jasad.

Lindsey Hilsum In Conversation

Havign not purchased nor read the book, I went quite skeptical, thinking I'd hear something simplified or Western biased, albeit from a very well-respected Channel 4 News International editor and journalist. How could she have really grasped the situation presiding in Libya during the Revolution or understand the personal histories of its people, most of whom suffered under the old regime.