Souad Massi at Islington Assembly Hall

Souad Massi Concert: After a sold-out concert at the Barbican, Souad Massi is back in London for a very special night. Raised in Algeria pre-civil war, playing guitar in jeans and trainers, Massi was always going to get noticed: first for fronting a political rock band and later for performing solo in Paris after fleeing death threats. Here she will present material from her album 'Al-Mutakallimun' - meaning 'Masters of the Word' - where she mixes Arabic instruments such as the oud with rock and folk influences, alongside Portuguese fado and African soul.

Marcel Khalifa + Al Mayadine Ensemble

Marcel Khalifa + Al Mayadine Ensemble: The legendary Lebanese composer, singer and oud master Marcel Khalifa will be joined by the Al Mayadine Ensemble to trace his career one song at a time, reviving the passion of songs including ‘Rita’ and ‘Oummi’, amongst many others. Starting as a performer of protest songs decades ago, Marcel Khalifé became one of the biggest popular musicians of the Arab world.

Music From Egypt + Sudan (4) - Cairokee

Music From Egypt + Sudan (4) - Cairokee: Presented by MARSM UK, this is part of a new captivating musical showcase in the heart of London to celebrate Egypt's and Sudan’s most vibrant and inspiring artists. A journey from traditional folklore to alternative rock, retro-pop to roots and more. This fourth segment brings Cairokee, whom after a sold-out concert in London last year return for a special night.