Yasmine Hamdan

Yasmine Hamdan:​ Yasmine Hamdan will be presenting material from her second solo album 'Al Jamilat' in which she continues to explore a personal modern take on Arabic pop music, as well as looking at the mutations at work within the Arab world. Whilst Hamdan's vocals are definitely connected to traditions of Arabic music - to which she takes an unconventional and fresh approach- the structures and arrangements of the songs are very remote from its codes and take in elements from contemporary Western electronic, pop and folk music.

N3rdistan Concert

N3rdistan Concert + Party: Standing at the border of oriental-beat and urban electronic music, N3rdistan electrifies a timeless and outraged poetry that bridges the generation gap and stirs up elders and young against persistent and unchanged forms of oppression.​ N3rdistan twists vibrations, subtly blends tones and fuses powerful beats and saturated basses with the deep melodies of koras and fula flutes.

The Case of Arabic Hip-Hop (5th Edition)

The Case of Arabic Hip-Hop (5th Edition): Presenting some of the Arab world’s finest hip-hop and underground artists and music, these nights are dedicated to celebrate the lyrics, message and spirit that has helped launch this contemporary Arabic music scene onto a global platform. For one night only, the artists and DJs will come together in London for a spectacular performance showcasing the finest hip-hop and rhythms the Arab world has to offer.

Lowkey UK Tour 2016

Lowkey UK Tour 2016: After a four-year break from the stage, the award winning rapper and political activist Lowkey is back for an exclusive UK tour - releasing new music alongside his well known material from his highly acclaimed previous albums. Lowkey, who began to rap at the age of twelve and first got noticed following a series of mixtapes, gained a broader coverage with the release of his first album titled 'Dear Listener' in 2009.

Souad Massi at Islington Assembly Hall

Souad Massi Concert: After a sold-out concert at the Barbican, Souad Massi is back in London for a very special night. Raised in Algeria pre-civil war, playing guitar in jeans and trainers, Massi was always going to get noticed: first for fronting a political rock band and later for performing solo in Paris after fleeing death threats. Here she will present material from her album 'Al-Mutakallimun' - meaning 'Masters of the Word' - where she mixes Arabic instruments such as the oud with rock and folk influences, alongside Portuguese fado and African soul.

Marcel Khalifa + Al Mayadine Ensemble

Marcel Khalifa + Al Mayadine Ensemble: The legendary Lebanese composer, singer and oud master Marcel Khalifa will be joined by the Al Mayadine Ensemble to trace his career one song at a time, reviving the passion of songs including ‘Rita’ and ‘Oummi’, amongst many others. Starting as a performer of protest songs decades ago, Marcel Khalifé became one of the biggest popular musicians of the Arab world.

Music From Egypt + Sudan (4) - Cairokee

Music From Egypt + Sudan (4) - Cairokee: Presented by MARSM UK, this is part of a new captivating musical showcase in the heart of London to celebrate Egypt's and Sudan’s most vibrant and inspiring artists. A journey from traditional folklore to alternative rock, retro-pop to roots and more. This fourth segment brings Cairokee, whom after a sold-out concert in London last year return for a special night.