Mosaic Rooms

Imagined Futures, Hrair Sarkissian

Imagined Futures, Hrair Sarkissian: The Mosaic Rooms present the first UK solo exhibition by Hrair Sarkissian, that features new video and previously unseen photographic work that reflect on the concepts of place, conflict, and future. Overlapping with Tate Modern’s current group exhibition which includes Sarkissian’s work, this gives audiences the chance to view the artist’s practice in greater depth, at a time when he is gaining increased critical recognition.

Haunted (Maskoon) Documentary, Liwaa Yazji

Haunted (Maskoon) Documentary: In her first feature documentary film, Haunted (Maskoon), Syrian director Liwaa Yazji explores what it means to flee a war. It is about the Syrian people’s relationship with their homes during the war. What is a home – in a physical and in a metaphorical sense? And how, if one dare ask, do they feel when they are forced to leave? This screening accompanies the exhibition 'Imagined Futures', the first UK solo show by internationally exhibited artist Hrair Sarkissian, and aims to shed further light on issues raised by the works in the show.

Mouths At The Invisible - David Birkin

Mouths At The Invisible: The first public solo exhibition by artist David Birkin, bringing together a series of works centred around censorship, spectatorship and the legal and linguistic frameworks underpinning war. Reflecting on not only the failure of images, but also the failure of truth and the manipulation of legislative language to suit political expediency, Birkin’s recent research focuses on the use of indefinite detention and targeted killing in the 'war on terror' and the contrived ambiguity of political and military rhetoric.

Nadia Kaabi-Linke

Nadia Kaabi-Linke: Join the solo Tunisian artist behind the 'The Future Rewound and The Cabinet of Souls' exhibition at the Mosaic Rooms, where it features the recent work and commissioned site-specific installations that reflect upon the artist's interest in the way geography and politics inform the identity of both the individual and the collective and where the work has been inspired by the history of the gallery's building itself. Taking place on 28 November, 2014 at the Mosaic Rooms, 226 Cromwell Road, London SW5 0SW.


Bitterenders: Second of two play readings at the Mosaic Rooms of emerging Arab playwrights in collaboration with Sandpit Productions’ Bulbul Playwriting Competitions. By Hannah Khalil and directed by Chris White, 'Bitterenders' is a dark comedy about a family of Palestinians who find themselves forced to share their home with Jewish settlers by a court ruling. As they struggle to come to terms with the imposing chalk line separating them from the interlopers, they discover something that threatens to destroy their already fragile home altogether.

The Cost of Eggs

The Cost of Eggs: First of two play readings at the Mosaic Rooms of emerging Arab playwrights in collaboration with Sandpit Productions’ Bulbul Playwriting Competitions. By Yasmin Bakiri and directed by Tarek Iskander, 'The Cost of Eggs' is set in war torn Syria, centred around a mother who painstakingly tries to hold her family together as the country falls apart.

Poetry from Iraq

Poetry from Iraq: In 2013 the Reel Iraq Festival held workshops in Erbil as part of the Erbil Literature Festival which led to the creation of new translations of Iraqi poets Zaher Mousa, Awezan Nouri, Ghareeb Iskander and Sabreen

Curator for Young Artist of the Year Award (YAYA) 2014

Open Call for Curator for the Young Artist of the Year Award (YAYA) 2014: YAYA is a biennial programme organised by the A M Qattan Foundation that encourages, supports and promotes young Palestinian artists. An open call is being made for the position of Curator to work with the finalist artists on the development of their works and with the A M Qattan Foundation’s Culture and Arts Programme on staging the 2014 Award exhibition. Application deadline is 10 December, 2013.

Summer of Love

Does the Arab Spring Need a Summer of Love?: An evening of discussion on taboos and changing sexual mores in the Arab world with Shereen El Feki (Sex And The Citadel), Brian Whitaker (Unspeakable Love: Gay and Lesbian Life in the Middle East), Daniel L Newman (Professor of Arabic at Durham University) and Malu Halasa (The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie: Intimacy and Design). As part of the Nour Festival 2013, this will take place on 6 November, 2013 at The Mosaic Rooms, 226 Cromwell Road, SW5 0SW.