Nabil Elouahabi

'Fireworks' The Play, Dalia Taha

It is clear that all the other neighbours have gone to safety shelters whereas these two families, for whatever personal reasons, are the only ones who have resisted the urge to abandon their home, even with the known dangers. As the audience, one is thus confronted with this powerful living situation - which would feel more like a prison if one had to live in it – even before the characters come to life and take over with their story.

Nabil Elouahabi: British-Arab Actor Speaks on Identity and ‘The Nightmares of Carlos Fuentes’

Elouahabi spoke frankly about the conflicts he’s experienced as an actor from an immigrant Arab background, the soul-searching about his identity living in the West, the frustrations of being typecast as well as giving me a sneak preview of the edgier elements of ‘The Nightmares of Carlos Fuentes’ - a project he’s been instrumental in getting off the ground, from initial concept to premiere-ready production.

The Nightmares of Carlos Fuentes

The Nightmares of Carlos Fuentes (Theatre Play): Starring Nabil Elouahabi, a black comedy based on a short story by Hassan Blasim about an Iraqi refugee, Salim, who comes to London in search of his dream, taking on a new identity and marrying a wealthy older woman who coaches him in the bedroom for a citizen's test.

Yasmin El Derby, Film Curator

As a freelance film curator, 28-year-old Yasmin El Derby is most passionate about the study, discovery and exploration of the very best of classic and contemporary Arab films coming out of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and to share her treasure findings with others. 

Having already co-founded and directed two London MENA Film Festivals in 2011 and 2012, as well as taking part in the film aspects of the Nour and Shubbak Arab Art Festivals, her latest project is the MENA Film Hub.