P21 Gallery

Retracing A Disappearing Landscape:

Retracing A Disappearing Landscape: Curated by Najlaa El-Ageli (Noon Arts Projects) and the first of its kind internationally, this six-week interdisciplinary art exhibition will be exploring people’s direct experience of and fascination with memory and personal history as well as the collective narratives that arise in connection with modern day Libya.

Khaled Mattawa Poems Moving Pictures

Khaled Mattawa: Libyan poet Khaled Mattawa will present a special talk on 'Poems Moving Pictures<>Pictures Moving Poems​' as part of the 'Retracing A Disappearing Landscape' interdisciplinary exhibition. Promising to be a fascinating discussion, it will be in tandem with the overall context of the show: to explore people's direct experience of and fascination with personal memory as well as the collective narratives that arise in connection to modern day Libya. Mattawa is a renowned Libyan poet, highly acclaimed Arab-American writer and a leading literary translator.

{Un}told Stories: From the Arab World

{Un}told Stories From the Arab World: A scheduled series of films and discussions on current issues from the Middle East and North Africa region. Whilst the artists and video-makers come from different backgrounds and parts of the world - either local, Diaspora or Western - their documentaries, fictions and video installations all connect to the human condition in today’s complex geopolitical societies in Arab countries, where often there is no room for expression on issues that affect the rights of the people, and the answer is often a passive complicity within mass observ

DisPlaced Exhibition

DisPLACED: Curated by the Contemporary Arts ReSearch Unit (CARO), this collective show brings together artists whose work evokes a range of responses to the working theme of ‘disPLACED’. It features photography, video, painting, prints, sculpture, as well as an accumulative installation of small figurines made by the public, to which visitors are invited to create and add their own little person.

Season's Greetings + Time To Check Out The Exhibitions

Looking forward to the New Year, I am planning to upgrade the Nahla Ink website to make it a bit more user friendly; and, I am also open, as always, to any invitation to collaborate on the wavelength of promoting and exploring Arab-connected creative narratives from a London base.

As in my usual newsletters, for this month of December I highly recommend that you make time to visit the exhibitions currently available. There are many to choose from and they are listed on My Curious Inbox page, so below are just three I want to highlight:

Dhikr Pictural:

Dhikr Pictural: An exhibition that inspires to reconnect truthfully with the 'Self' and look beyond the unknown, to eventually reach out to what is 'Divine'. A solo for the Algerian visual artist Anissa Berkane, it aims to engage with all the senses and attract different audiences, be they art-lovers, rationale-geeks or the spiritually-curious.

Palestine Book Awards 2017 Prelaunch Evening

The Palestine Book Awards 2017 (Prelaunch Event): An evening that will bring together authors whose works have been shortlisted for the Palestine Book Awards 2017. Offering the opportunity to discuss with each of them their books, inspiration and with a chance to network. Confirmed attendees are: Ibtisam Barakat, Björn Brenner, Ella Shohat, Ilan Pappé, Samia Halaby, Laila Parsons, Petter Bauck and Mohammed Omer.

September - It is all in the North African Pop! You are all invited to the launch!

As a media partner with one incredible project, I will of course be partial here to highlight the 'Pop Art from North Africa' exhibition. Curated by my sister Najlaa El-Ageli and Toufik Douib, this collective show will put together for the first time under the P21 Gallery roof, the artworks of fifteen creative individuals from North Africa who are all inspired by the Pop Art movement, with every country in the region represented, including artists from: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya as well as their diasporas living in Europe.