P21 Gallery

April Highlights - The 'Arab Idol', Palestine-Inspired Theatre, Art Exhibitions ++

The Music - 'Arab Idol' Mohammed Assaf

Palestinian heartthrob Mohammed Assaf will be performing on 10 April at the Barbican, offering a rare opportunity to hear him sing new material from his latest album alongside familiar favourites from his time on 'Arab Idol', the TV Talent show that catapulted him to fame. I also recently attended the film 'The Idol' which is based on the true story of this handsome young man and seen the difficult challenges that he had to overcome to get to where he is today. Assaf is truly an inspiration.

Are We All Human? (E) Exhibition

Are We All Human? (E): Curated by Lucy Thurley, this will be an exhibition of new mixed media work by Susan Boulter that is the result of ten years of increasing anger! From economic inequality in the world, to Guantanamo still existing, to UN resolutions being violated, to Palestine still under constant attack as well as the unscrupulous exploitation of humanity and the denial of human rights, the artists considers whether we are all just pawns for the benefit of those in power. Boulter’s work contains and presents contradictions.

Poppy Film Premier

'Poppy' Film Premier: Directed by Rick Platt and produced by 'Noon Visual Creatives',  this will be the short film's first national viewing in the United Kingdom at the British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) and  will be boasting an international film awards trip at the start of 2016. On a family holiday with her parents and older brother, Poppy is in a mood.

Autonomy of Self, Rejecting Violence with the Lens

Autonomy of Self, Rejecting Violence with the Lens: Bringing together moving image and photography from across the former Ottoman territories and exploring how individuals are using the human image to refuse violence and conflict. Each artist has faced the consequences of the collapse of the Empire and the destruction from international interventions as well as the implications of destablisation.

Gaza On Gaza

Gaza On Gaza: An exhibition of work by Palestinian artists in response to the lives devastated by last year's conflict in Gaza. During the military offensive 1,500 Palestinian civilians were killed and over 500,000 were displaced from their homes, with the UN estimating that nearly 400,000 children require mental health support to cope with the events they witnessed.