Refugee Week 2018

June Highlights: Celebrating Refugee Week + MENA-Inspired Events

Looking through My Curious Inbox, one important week-long occurrence will be the celebrations connected to Refugee Week, marking its 20th anniversary this year. A worldwide phenomenon, Refugee Week was established to counter negative narratives often encountered in mainstream media and within society towards refugees and asylum-seekers, by highlighting their positive contributions made to host communities. 

In London, there will be hundreds of events throughout Refugee Week (18-24 June) so below are just my top three that are MENA-connected.

Lowkey + Guests

Lowkey + Guests: Lowkey headlines Refugee Week 2018 in a concert to mark 20 years of the festival. A leading light of the UK hiphop scene and a strong campaigning voice for the rights of refugees, British-Iraqi Lowkey is the ideal artist to be taking the lead at such an important time in the festival’s history. As one of the UK's most potent and electrifying rappers, Lowkey is a towering figure of the British hiphop scene who renews the tradition of conscious activism for a generation brought up with the' War on Terrorism'.