Rich Mix

Flamenco Evolution, Baghdad to Seville

Flamenco Evolution, Baghdad to Seville: A night of outstanding music, flamenco dance breaking down long-standing cultural and historical barriers. Iraqi Oud player Attab Haddad has had an interest in flamenco more or less since he started playing the oud. Flamenco's forms, rhythms and melodies have influenced a large part of his work and he is still fascinated by the connections between flamenco and Middle Eastern music.

Rock [Beats] Chaabi - El Morabba3 & Islam Chipsy

Rock [Beats] Chaabi - El Morabba3 & Islam Chipsy: Challenging the lines between Rock, electronica, beats and Chaabi, this double bill brings together the euphoric sounds of Jordan’s El Morabba3 with the enthralling pulse of Egypt’s Islam Chipsy. Vital players in the urban Chaabi scene, Islam Chipsy are at the forefront of what has traditionally been regarded as Egyptian working-class celebration music. With their success now rippling far beyond the backstreets of their native Cairo, their charismatically frantic sets have remolded the appeal of live Chaabi performance.

Animated Images (Exhibition)

Animated Images (Exhibition): Syrian artist Sulafa Hijazi’s series of animated images is a response to our ever-increasing relationship with new media. While trawling her Facebook feed, Hijazi became conscious of the great plethora of images that we are bombarded with - from a friend’s wedding to updates from war zones. Animated Images uses lenticular print techniques to reveal shifting transformations as the viewer passes by the images.

Ruba Shamshoum

Ruba Shamshoum: The Palestinian vocalist will be celebrating the launch of her debut album ‘Shamat’ with a full-band followed by an after-party with special guest Hicham Ibrahim aka DJ Sotusura. Shamshoum is influenced by a wide range of music, from her roots of Palestinian traditional music to rock, pop and jazz, which is abundantly heard in the songs through the unique vocal melodies, catchy hooks, tight grooves and powerful chord progressions. She sings in both Arabic and English, and uses music to deal with identity, anger, lack of communication, fear and love.

El Far3i + Special Guest

El Far3i + Special Guest: This gig is a great place to start if you think that both Arabic rap and folk genre might just be your thing. Join El Far3i in celebrating the release of his fourth studio album. El Far3i’s music can be described as a mixture of hip hop, Arabic folk, acoustic rap and Arabic poetry. He believes in the power of his music and exploring and adapting the lyrics to fit the current social and political conditions.


Oum: After the success of her first album 'Soul of Morocco', Oum is back with new material and a new show entitled Zarabi which means carpets in Darija, the everyday language of Morocco. Inspired by her meeting with a group of women who weave carpets in M’hamid El Ghizlan, these weavers have an original way of making carpets by using old clothes their clients bring. Watching them gather the memories contained in these garments and turning them into carpets, Oum felt a strong connection with their work.

N3rdistan Concert

N3rdistan Concert + Party: Standing at the border of oriental-beat and urban electronic music, N3rdistan electrifies a timeless and outraged poetry that bridges the generation gap and stirs up elders and young against persistent and unchanged forms of oppression.​ N3rdistan twists vibrations, subtly blends tones and fuses powerful beats and saturated basses with the deep melodies of koras and fula flutes.

Arabs Are Not Funny (Edition 12)

Arabs Are Not Funny (Edition 12): After eleven sold-out editions, Arts Canteen’s 'Arabs Are Not Funny' is back with a great line-up of comedians, representing the Arab world and surrounding regions. Performing in English, the main act will be the Somalian born Prince Abdi. A British stand-up, actor, writer and a regular on the UK comedy circuit, Abdi's versatile storytelling style of comedy made him the perfect choice to support Reginald D Hunter, Stephen K Amos and Dave Chappelle on their national tours; and, he has also performed alongside Chris Rock and Louis CK.

Arab Christmas, Exploring the Early Arab Christian Chants

Arab Christmas, Exploring the Early Arab Christian Chants: A rare opportunity to hear chants from the Aramaic-Syriac and Byzantine traditions, harking back to the time of Queen Zanubia’s reign of Palmyra. It was in the second century that Christianity reached the ancient Syrian caravan city and witnessed the emergence of the first church melodies out of the secular Aramaic music of Syria and Iraq. Coptic Egyptian-German singer Merit Ariane Stephanos and Father Shafiq Abouzayd will introduce the audience to this music; and, in particular, to the chanting traditions of the Le

Souk for Syria

Souk for Syria: An exciting cultural and musical fundraiser for the Levantine Relief Network, a grassroots Syrian charity that provides education and aid to displaced Syrians. The Souq will be a magical journey through a traditional Syrian market where Middle Eastern arts, crafts, jewellery, toys and Syrian cuisine will be available.