Saleem Haddad

The Shubbak Festival Graces London For Its Fourth Edition

The Shubbak Festival graces us every two years. Now in its fourth edition, it brings its signature high standards in the choice of films, visual arts, performance, literature, talks, theatre, dance as well as the 'On Location' and the 'On Tour' segments. Altogether there will be 150 artists from 14 Arab countries participating in over 80 events taking place over 16 days in venues across London. 

Saleem Haddad - Author Opens Up About Debut Novel 'Guapa'

Once released, though, he doesn’t make a fuss of what has happened to him. Rather, he continues with his work via an international NGO to expose local government human rights’ violations. He is also not afraid to keep performing his drag queen act at Guapa, the queer nightclub that is home to all outcasts. A brave and proud soul, he will never deny his alternative sexuality even in a hostile environment and putting his life at further risk.