Sherine Ben Halim Jafar

February Themes: Middle Eastern Food Recipes to Art, Music and Fashion!

The Food - Fancy a Culinary Experience?

Firstly a subject that I have not covered much before: food! Yes, you can now read my review of a beautiful culinary book that every Arab needs to have in her or his kitchen library. With Sherine Ben Halim Jafar's instructions, you can be sure that any planned dinner party will now turn out to be a huge gastronomic success! 

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Under the Copper Covers, Sherine Ben Halim Jafar

Sherine Ben Halim Jafar candidly explores two things: her private experience of living in exile as an Arab in the West and the unexpected triumph of food to cure much of the associated heart-pains and the psychological hurts of displacement. Coming from a very high profile political Libyan family – her father Mustafa Ben Halim was a Prime Minister under King Idris’s reign – she tells of how her once carefree and privileged childhood was suddenly interrupted in September 1969 on the occasion of Gaddafi’s coup and overthrow of the monarchy.