Shubbak Festival 2015

Goodbye Shubbak - But London Never Stops! - Check Out The 'Diaspora' Project

It is indeed a revolutionary call in itself to embrace the creative energies that are truly buzzing throughout our part of the world and that seek ideal spaces for expression. This year's festival offered and proved all that. I will miss Shubbak.

On the other hand, London never stops in seeking further MENA-inspired artistic projects and events. A look through My Curious Inbox shows that the exhibitions shall continue, the music will still be performed and danced to, the films are aplenty to watch and even a bit of comedy is available on the side.

Shubbak Festival 2015

Shubbak Festival 2015: The wonderful Shubbak (meaning ‘window’ in Arabic) is London’s largest biennial festival of contemporary Arab arts and culture. Founded in 2011 by the Mayor of London, Shubbak has become an independent charity, but that will continue to connect London audiences and communities with the best of contemporary Arab culture through an ambitious festival programme.

July Is A Bumper Crop! The Shubbak Festival 2015 + The Melting Pots + The 'Diaspora' Art Project

The Shubbak Festival – The 30+ Free Events!

Firstly, the patient waiting for the Shubbak Festival will be rewarded as it officially launches this Saturday. The 60+ scheduled events will be showcasing the very best of contemporary Arab arts and culture across London's iconic museums, galleries and other landmark buildings and locations.

Shubbak Festival 2015 – The 30+ Free Events!

It also puts into context how there is indeed a burgeoning artistic movement from within - in many cases still underground - that is challenging in creative ways the otherwise ugly, aggressive and negative elements coming at us left, right and centre. Shubbak thus offers an international platform that dares its many audiences to question and reconsider what they believe about the Arab, his abilities and contemplation as to his future that seems in places to be uncertain or undecided.