Rana Haddad: Author of ‘The Unexpected Love Objects of Dunya Noor’ Shares Thoughts On Astronomy, Fortune-Telling, Love, Politics, Goddesses And An Arab Shakespeare!

With that Fairuz song in mind and Haddad’s fun, light-hearted and playful spirit in storytelling, I relished the book in no time. In it we follow the tale of Dunya Noor, a young half-Syrian half-English heroine, with green eyes and unruly curly hair, whose wild nature takes on the status quo of the culture she is born into circa the 1980s. She is a young lady who is no way minded or afraid by rules, be they set by parents, school, religion, neighbours or even if dictated down by a cruel military regime. 

Syria's Conflict Behind The Lens

Syria's Conflict Behind The Lens: Rick Findler is an award-winning photojournalist who has covered some of the most dangerous and violent conflicts on the planet. He has documented the Libyan civil war, al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia and the rise and fall of ISIS across Syria and northern Iraq. But out of all of the countries he has been to, none are more prevalent in today's news than Syria - a country that he has revisited on a number of occasions since a first project in 2012.

The War Show

'The War Show' Screening with Q+A: Through observational and at times humorous footage of everyday life, 'The War Show' exposes what it is like to be a creative, ambitious young woman living amidst one of the most destructive conflicts of our time.

We Stand #WithSyria London Vigil

We Stand #WithSyria London Vigil: Syria is the worst humanitarian crisis of our time and March 2014 marks the third anniversary of the crisis and three years of failure by the international community to end the suffering. On 13 March, 2014 you can stand in solidarity and make this the last anniversary marked with bloodshed.

Hope And Peace Fundraiser

Hope And Peace Fundraiser: A fundraising event with Middle Eastern entertainment for the children of Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Egypt. Confirmed performers include: Tarik Saeed, Hanan Hjaaj, Hagag Kenway and Sami Alhussami. Tickets are £20 per person and all money raised will be shared between four charities; Inter Pal, The Noor Trust, Hand in Hand for Syria and Face for Children in Need. Taking place 2 March, 2014 at The Mia Lounge, 100 Avenue Road, London NW3 3HF.

ISIS And Battle for Syria

ISIS And The Battle for Syria: Panel discussion at the Frontline Club on 19 February, 2014, looking at the uprising in Syria and its complications. With foreign fighters streaming in to join al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, such as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), the conflict has entered a new phase. As fighting between the Syrian opposition and al-Qaeda-affiliated groups intensifies, panel offers a picture

Syria: Changing Media Coverage?

Syria: Changing Media Coverage? At the Frontline Club on 19 November, 2013. A panel of journalists, editors and safety experts will discuss the challenges to journalism that have arisen from the Syria conflict. To date, a number of journalists have lost their lives in reporting from the conflict zone, some have been kidnapped and others are still missing.