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aflamuna (our films) is an initiative launched by a group of Arab filmmakers and film institutions, led by Beirut DC. During these hard times – and hopefully long after they’ve passed – aflamuna offer some of the best, most thought-provoking and independently-minded works of contemporary Arab cinema to enjoy for free via the website for a limited time. A new issue will be released (at least) every 15 days.

Now playing until 3 June: 

The Lebanese Rocket Society: In the early 60‘s, a group of students and researchers enters the race to space and create the Lebanese Rocket Society.

Counting Tiles: A group of clowns travel to the island of Lesbos on a mission to bring laughter to the transient waves of people escaping war, only to be greeted with closed gates.

Turtles Are Always Home: Houses have memories too. They hide them under their windowsills, tuck them in layers of paint and sometimes whisper them to birds passing by.

Al Medina: All of a sudden, an accident is turned into a murder, and Yusuf, who had just returned to his hometown, is put in prison.

Majid: An orphan who can no longer remember his parents’ faces embarks on a journey to find a photograph of them.

To view, click on ‘Learn More’ below and it will take you directly to the aflamuna website to access all of these films.


June 3 (Wednesday) 00:00 - July 3 (Friday) 00:00